Below is a list of selected resources, tools, and equipment available to our laboratory:

  1. 7 optical tables (3 non-magnetic tables)
  2. Ti:Sapphire CW lasers
  3. Optical frequency references (ULE optical cavities, molecular optical clocks)
  4. Athermal wavemeters and optical spectrum analyzers
  5. High-power fiber lasers and amplifiers
  6. sub-kHz UQML ECDLs and cat-eye IF lasers, TA systems
  7. High-efficiency cavity-enhanced SHG/SFG modules
  8. SPCMs, autocorrelators, time taggers, shot-noised limited homodyne detectors
  9. Microwave analyzers (60GHz network analyzer, 30GHz spectrum analyzers, a number of spectrum analyzers), 10 GHz real-time oscilloscope
  10. UHV pumps (turbo, ion, NEG, scroll, diaphragm pumps)
  11. Vacuum oven, thermal processors
  12. Scanning Electron Microscope sputter system
  13. Reactive RF/DC-magnetron sputter system and interferometric characterization system (surface profiler)
  14. Adaptive optics (DMD, AODs, Membrane wavefront corrector and sensors)
  15. Optical fiber assembly setup (polishing, laping, fusion splicer, fiber pulling setup)
  16. Chemical glovebox workstation, Laminar flow (class-10) workstation
  17. RF Plasma Etcher and Cleaner
  18. Electronic assembly workstation, PCB milling setup, Pick & Place for SMD
  19. Stereolithographic 3D printer
  20. In-house high-performance computing facility with access to Powerwulf Infiniband MPI cluster (8 slave nodes – 40 CPUs) & Andromeda Infiniband MPI cluster (9 slave nodes – 200 CPUs/2 TFOPS) with Tesla GPU node (21 TFOPS)
  21. Compute software (MATLAB, Mathematica, Comsol, SolidWorks, SEMCAD X, OSLO, MEEP, MPB, etc)

State-of-art laboratory specification: Temperature stability <0.5 degree, Vibration VC-G (surpassing NIST-A criteria for low frequency vibrations), EMI/RF & magnetic shield<1mG