Principal Investigator
Prof. Kyung Soo Choi [E-mail: kyung.choi[AT]]
Assistant Professor
Physics and Astronomy
& Institute for Quantum Computer (IQC)
& Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute (
University of Waterloo
Bio: PhD Physics (Caltech 2011)
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Curriculum Vitae
Office: x39320 Labs: x30143, x3014

Visiting Professor (Sabbatical research visit)
Prof. Ben Ham (GIST) [S2019]

Administrative Staff
Michele Roche ( [x37379]

Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Staffs
Dr. Ying Dong (IQC Postdoctoral Fellow)
Bio: Ying completed his Ph.D in Physics (2011) from USTC under the supervision of Prof. Sixia Yu. He was a visiting scholar at Rice University with Prof. Han Pu working on spin-orbit coupled condensates (2012-2014), and research scholar at University of Arizona with Prof. Pierre Meystre (2014~2016) working on quantum thermodynamics and cavity optomechanics. He has also been a lecturer at Hangzhou Normal University in China. His research here is on theoretical quantum optics and many-body physics for implementation with waveguide-coupled quantum systems and Rydberg-dressed quantum degenerate gases.

Dr. Mahmood Sabooni (IQC Postdoctoral Fellow)
Bio: Mahmood completed his PhD within the quantum information group  at Lund University in 2013 under the supervision of Dr. Rippe and Prof. Kroll. There, he has worked on ensemble-based quantum memories in solid-state rare-earth crystals. In 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral scholar in the group of G. Rempe at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics on Raman-based protocols for warm atomic vapors. Since 2015, he has been researcher in the Physics department at University of Tehran.

Graduate Students
Hyeran Kong (x39051)
Bio: Hyeran completed her B.S. in Physics from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in 2014. She had previously worked on slow light experiments with laser-cooled atoms under the conditions of EIT. As a graduate student at Seoul National University, she was an International Visiting Graduate Student in UQML. Hyeran joined our group as a graduate student since 2015 Spring.

Jean-Baptiste Gerent (x39051)
Bio: Jean-Baptiste has completed his engineering degree at the Institut d’Optique and master at the university of Bordeaux. He will be joining us as a PhD student co-supervised by Dr. Simon Bernon and Dr. Phillipe Bouyer at the Institut d’ Optique/University of Bordeaux.

Undergraduate researchers and visiting students.
Jacob Taylor, Project: Tensor network methods for quantum simulation

Na Young Kim (IQC)
Jaeyoon Cho (APCTP)
Steven van Enk (Oregon)
Jeff Kimble (Caltech)

Kimia Mohammadi (MSc student, Quantum Photonics Laboratory/IQC)
Duane Charles Byer (Graduate student, Duke University)
Rane Simpson (Undergraduate student, University of Waterloo)
Ruipeng Li (Undergraduate student, Peking University)
Zhihao Song (Undergraduate student, USTC)
Maria Belota Moreno (Undergraduate student, Amherst University)
Ulises Alejandro Lpez (PhD student, University of Buenos Aires)
Dr. Chang Liu (Senior Scientist, Quantum Valley Ideas Laboratory)
Youn Seok Lee (PhD student, Quantum Photonics Laboratory/IQC)
Ahreum Lee (Postech)
Leo Kim (Undergraduate student, University of Waterloo)
Karen Klassen (PhD student, University of Toronto)
Diego Costa (PhD student, Michigan State University)
Yu Zheng (Undergraduate student, Nankai University)
Claire Warner (PhD student, Columbia University)
Vinay Iyer
Dr. Sun Kyung Lee (Professor, Korea University/Institute for Basic Science)